A Strategic Cost Management Firm

"Their informal, flexible approach makes them easy to work with and it does not take a lot of time to run the project"

Joseph, Whelan. CFO

Sealed Unit Parts Co

"They aggressively perused savings to depths that our company could not have achieved...

Bill Fuchs. VP Operations

Middle Atlantic Products

"Their experience in knowing where to investigate.., resulted in a winning combination"

Shellee S. Gero. VP HR

Pantone, lnc.

"J Galt identified a weakness in our billing system... we improved our bottom line by $40,000 annually."

Robert Cherry, CFO

Waco Air. Liquid and Gas Filtration Co.

'Their informal, flexible approach makes them easy to work with and it does not take a lot of time to run the project"

Joseph Whelan. CFO

Sealed Unit Parts Co.

"...by concentrating services to fewer suppliers we were able to leverage our business..."

Kevin Mackey. CFO

Corporate Investor Communications, Inc.

"...when they look at an expense area but do not find savings, I have peace of mind.., that we're doing a good job."

Joseph Whelan. CFO

Sealed Unit Parts Co.

"J. Galt came to us six years ago... and they have helped our bottom line every one of those six years."

Henry Gebel. President

Carson and Gebel Ribbon Company

"Both clients I referred were very happy with the results and each had savings of over a $100,000."

Larry Finkelstein. President

Transition Management Associates

"J. Galt worked hand in hand with our staff to implement the cost saving programs and was very responsive to our business model."

Mark Szynkowski VP Finance

Integro Services, Inc.

'They identified many areas where savings could be realized... we did save a considerable amount of money'

James Ferris, P.E.. Principal

PMK Group

"J Galt quickly identified and helped us implement multiple cost saving opportunities..."

Debbie Davis. Controller

Advanced Financial Services

"We were able to save a considerable amount of money in various areas of our company."

Joyce Ragonese, CFO

Daret Inc.

"...they demonstrated professionalism, creativity and delivered results"

Russ Wagner, General Manager

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.. RF Division,

"Taking minimum time with our staff, they were able to identity and help us implement solid savings."

Dan Morley. President


"The best was that J. Galt only shared in the cost savings; therefore there was no risk to us without proven results."

Mark Szynkowski, VP Finance

Integro Services.. Inc.

WHO IS J. GALT? For well over a decade, the experienced professionals of J. Galt have been helping business executives and entrepreneurs identify areas within their organizations where they may be at financial risk. Our staff is comprised of cost management experts that come from diverse business backgrounds.

The commitment of the company's team is that we are 100% vested in ensuring that our clients will save money by reducing or eliminating excessive costs. J. Galt has a proven track record of establishing and maintaining strong business relationships and partnerships with a client's management team and their staff. We consistently use our vast resources, comprised of vendors, contractors, and business specialists, to benefit our clients.

So, Who is J. Galt?

Author Ayn Rand's epic novel, Atlas Shrugged, has been viewed as one of the most influential and controversial works of the 20th Century. In it she asks a seemingly unanswerable question - "Who is John Galt?" The question's meaning has many layers. The action of the novel revolves around John Galt who proves that it is the mind's innovative creativity that powers the engine of the world. At J. Galt Associates, our philosophy is to harness your company's creative powers, apply our proven capabilities and empower your company to greater profits.

As business leaders you carry the weight of the company, just as Atlas the hero of Greek mythology carried the weight of the world. You're constantly balancing risks and rewards while striving to create anew a company that can thrive in the future. In order to win, all inhibitors to the successful operation of your company must be identified and alleviated. That's where J. Galt can help.

J. Galt is focused on keeping your business in motion. CHALLENGE J. Galt. DISCOVER all possible areas where you can improve your cash flow. PROFIT from the experience of J. Galt, and apply those profits directly to your bottom line.