Frequently Asked Questions

What makes J. Galt different than other cost management consultants?

J. Galt is an industry leader and one of the original firms to implement the non-payroll cost improvement business model. As leaders, we set ourselves apart from other cost management consultants by our: (1) proven success rate, (2) collaborative cost improvement teams, (3) project scope, and (4) “no-risk” fee structure.

Founded in 1990, our Cost Improvement Process has been 100% successful. Our process encourages the participation of the client’s cost center owners. Ultimately, it is their involvement and ownership of new ideas and recommendations that ensures results.

Our competitors usually focus on only one or two cost centers, such as telecom, utilities, and workers’ compensation. The J. Galt Cost Improvement Team is different. We analyze these same areas as well as an additional 50 cost centers – from cost of goods sold to general and administrative expenses.

J. Galt, with its access to a cadre of cost management professionals, has knowledge about business in a wide range of industries – from manufacturing to medical. So even when specialized skills are required, you only need to call one source – J. Galt.

Another way that we distinguish ourselves is through our success-based fee formula. We are compensated only if you achieve auditable savings using recommendations that are designed to meet all of your quality and service standards.