Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have people that do this?

The experience that you and your staff have regarding your business is critical to your success. There is no question that you employ qualified people. The issue is not about the individual - it's about limited time and resources. Every business manager recognizes these limitations. That's why corporations are overspending by $260 billion annually.

We strongly believe, and our experience shows that when we combine your team's knowledge with our cost management expertise, processes, benchmarking data, and best practices information together we will accomplish more than you could possibly do on your own.  In addition, our business relationships with industry experts, vendors, and contractors around the country are all resources that we put to work for your benefit.

And don't forget, what may be a priority for one of your employees today, may change tomorrow. At J. Galt we have just one priority - looking for ways to reduce your costs.