Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't we achieve the same results without J. Galt?

Perhaps. But there are significant financial risks.

Most companies fail to allocate sufficient, if any, resources to perform in-depth spend analyses. The Aberdeen Group's The Spending Analysis Benchmark Report shows that inadequate spending analysis is costing U.S. businesses $260 billion annually. Even companies that have implemented a formal program for analyzing their spending only manage to review less than 50% of their costs.

The CFO Research Service conducted a survey of 471 CFOs. Their report, Leading Practices in Expense Management, states that 75% of the CFOs surveyed indicated that controlling expenses remains a top priority. Perhaps one of the most disturbing facts mentioned in the report is that only 7% are "very satisfied" with the way their company manages expenses.

The information provided by The Aberdeen Group and CFO Research Services doesn't surprise us. Our experience working with business professionals shows that we save our clients $4 for every $1 they would have saved on their own.

Eliminate your portion of the annual $260 billion overspend. Contact J. Galt, and experience the benefits of collaborating with experts.